Re-imagining a 21st century democracy

To further examine the ways in which we can defend and support our democratic institutions, we are launching a pilot edition of journal to crowd-source ideas on how to improve democratic practice from a citizen-centric perspective.

The journal, Re-Imagining a 21st Century Democracy, looks for new ideas on ways that communities can engage individuals in democracy and promote democratic behavior and values, whether through educational practices, grassroots mobilization, government initiatives, or other means, largely at the local level. A submission process was open to contributors of all backgrounds and occupations – scholars, practitioners, students, and others working to improve our democracy. 

Articles in the journal include:

Televised, Interactive, Town Hall Meetings in Austin, TX
By Larry Schooler, former manager of the public engagement division for the City of Austin and current National Civic League senior fellow; students who worked on the town hall meetings; faculty at the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life at the University of Texas at Austin; and others involved in the production of the programming


Community Democracy Project at Tennessee State University
By  Anthony Campbell, Assistant Professor, College of Public Service, Tennessee State University; Cara Robinson, Associate Professor and Interim Department Chair, College of Public Service, Tennessee State University; Kelly Baker-Hefley, Graduate Student, College of Public Service, Tennessee State University; and Debby Gould, President, League of Women Voters Nashville


By Triana Patel, scholar and Asian Art Museum staff; Ryan Harsono, student and Art Speak intern; and Jason Wyman, artist and community practitioner


How Communities Can Increase Civic Engagement by Protecting their Student Journalists’ Rights to Express Themselves
By Frank LoMonte, director of the Joseph L. Brechner Center for Freedom of Information and former ED of the Student Press Law Center; Sophie Gordon, a student at Ball State University; and Peter Bobkowski, Associate Professor at the University of Kansas and former high school journalism teacher


Training Students as Advocates, and Emerge: Collaborations between Northwestern University and Evanston Township High School
By Mary Collins, Community Service Coordinator, ETHS; Nicole Parker, Chair of History & Social Sciences, ETHS; Kelly Benkert, Director, Leadership Development & Community Engagement, Northwestern University; Matthew Fulle, Former Northwestern Student Participant


The WASH Project: Walantu Community Engagement in Operation Clean Environment
By Rev. Dr. Alexander Edwards, Prof. Raheem and Ms. Nukpeza of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW)


How Museums can Protect and Promote Democracy
By Samantha Perlman, Program Associate & FAO Schwarz Family Foundation Fellow at Generation Citizen; and Kagiso Tshole, student at the University of Cape Town


Deliberation and Dialogue on a Divided Campus
By Jin-Mi Sohn, student at Middlebury College; and Sarah Stroup, ‎Associate Professor of Political Science at Middlebury College


Participatory School Design
By Sean Anderson, Community|Learning|Design; and Michael McCabe, Creighton University


Go Out and Vote: Promoting Political Participation in DC’s Wards 7 and 8
By Lauren Grimes, University of the District of Columbia; and Veda Rasheed of DC’s Office of the Attorney General


The Ramsey County Civics Project
By Trygve Throntveit, Dean’s Fellow for Civic Studies at UMN College of Education and Human Development; Rebecca Biel, St. Paul Public Schools; Joe Mansky, Ramsey County Elections; Amy Anderson, MN Civic Youth; and Brett Grant, Voices for Racial Justice.